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Welcome To RescueMyBath!

RescueMyBath is a full-service bath remodeling company that not only does the actual construction but can assist you with design, layout, tile and hardware selections. 

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience in all phases of bath remodeling, construction and design and are confident we can help you reach your goal and achieve the perfect bath. 

If you are finding your home in need of a new bathroom you are not alone as more and more homeowners are staying in their current homes longer bath remodeling is on the rise and most homeowners are finding their bathrooms being one of the first places to invest and upgrade. Remodeling Magazine says a remodeled bathroom can have a return on your investment on average102%.

If you have a typical 5 by 8 three piece bath and need a simple upgrade, or are looking to make a major improvement and want a custom designed hotel spa like bath now's the time and we can help.

Let's discuss your ideas, thoughts and what you would like to achieve!

Your free consultation is just a phone call or email away.